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Alton Memorial Hospital – Medical Office Buildings Directory

MOB A Directory
2 Memorial Drive

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Suite 101
(618) 433-6131
Kelly Currie, MD
John Felder, MD
Amy Kells, MD

Shoichiro Tanaka, MD
Lorraine Seiffert, ANP

St. Louis Cardiology Consultants
Suite 102
(618) 462-6612
Saad Bitar, MD
Lalit Chouhan, MD
Rama Gondi, MD
Robert Lutan, MD
John Pargulski, DO
Imaad Razzaque, MD

Samer Thanavaro, MD
Maureen Poplar, ACNP
Karin Witt, FNP

Alton Memorial Pain Management
Suite 103
(618) 463-7246
John Moore, MD

Touchette Behavioral Health Services
Suite 120

Suite 201
(618) 463-2390
Felicia Bentley, MD
Erik Daniels, MD
Mohammad Malik, MD

Allergy & Asthma Care
Suite 201
(618) 288-6673
Barry Zeffren, MD

JCH Women’s Health
Suite 203
Timothy Kisabeth, MD

Urology Washington University Physicians of Illinois
Suite 205
(618) 433-6632
Arjun Sivaraman, MD
Krista Ludwig, FNP

Christian Hospital Network Reference Lab
Suite 210

Alton Internal Medicine
Suite 220
(618) 474-1723
Jaleesa Gilbert-Gortman, MD

John Hoelscher, MD
Barry Mossman, MD
James Ricci, MD
John Wuellner, MD
Michele Brannan, PA-C
Amanda Michaels, FNP
Jessica Riney, ANP

MOB B Directory
4 Memorial Drive

Reference Lab
Suite 105

(618) 433-6269

Pediatric Healthcare Unlimited
Suite 110
(618) 474-1711
Laura P. Barton, MD
Janis M. Robinson, MD
Kathie Wuellner, MD
Stefanee Keith, RN, CPNP
Amy C. Hauch, RN, CPNP
Dana Aronin, RN, CPNP

Brianna Wood, FNP

Erin Crotchett, CPNP

BJCMG Alton OB/GYN Associates
Suite 125
(618) 433-6410
Joseph Talsky, MD
Christine Taylor, MD

Deborah Cunningham, WHNP-BC
Amy Maher, FNP-C

BJCMG Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Specialists
Suite 130
(618) 463-7600
Aaron Omotola, MD
John Stirton, MD
Kimberlee Coppelli, PA-C
Courtney Guebert, PA-C
Timothy Kamp, FNP
Casey Newgent, PA-C
Mary Stuart, PA-C
Lyndsi Sievers, PA-C

Jamaine Thomas, PA-C

Alton Memorial Outpatient Cancer and Infusion Center
Suite 132
(618) 463-7323
Alfred Greco, MD
Nishant Poddar, MD
Guillermo Rodriguez Jr., MD

David Sumoza, MD
John Visconti, DO
Misty Biciocchi, FNP
Sarah McCaffrey, ANP

Southern Illinois Healthcare Foundation
Suite 210
(618) 463-5905
Emilia David, MD
Jamie Hardman, MD
Rutendo Nkomo, MD
Jagannath Patil, MD
Bryan Steele, MD
Sambasivam Suthan, MD
Geoffrey Turner, MD
Felicia Ernst, FNP
Christal Gabrielson, LCPC
Darcy Graham, FNP
Sharon Jameson, PMHNP-BC
Brianna Phillips, LCPC
Stephanie Smith, FNP
Leeann Tardino, ANP-BC
Charity Thompson, LCPC

John Verna, PA-C

Diabetes and Endocrine Care at Alton
Suite 230
(618) 433-6170
Wael Girgis, MD
Lisa James, AGNP-BC

Gastroenterology at Alton
Suite 230
(618) 463-7874
Ahmed Karadaghy, MD
David Riedel, MD

Cody Basciano, MD

BJCMG Neurology Associates
Suite 230
(618) 465-8666
Ajitesh Rai, MD
Michael Liu, MD
Keiko Sawano, FNP-BC

BJCMG Family Physicians of Alton
Suite 230
(618) 463-7777
Sisay Abraham MD

Olusegun Coker, MD
Raffy Gutman, MD

Angie Harris, DO
Tammy Bartholomew, FNP
Hollie Yoder, FNP

BJCMG Sleep Medicine at Alton
Suite 230
(618) 463-7777
Puja Gurung, MD

BJCMG Alton Surgery
Suite 230
(618) 462-3191
Christopher Aldridge, MD
Matthew Musielak, MD
Kaycee Eyers, FNP-C

BJCMG ENT at Alton
Suite 230
(618) 463-7247
Mary Schinkel, DO

Premier Infectious Disease Consultants
Suite 230
Rafael De la Cruz, MD
Mindy Faraone, FNP

MOB C Directory
6 Memorial Drive

Alton Radiation Oncology
(618) 433-7979
Gregory Vlacich, MD

Find a doctor or make an appointment: 800.392.0936
General Information: 618.463.7311
Alton Memorial Hospital
One Memorial Drive
Alton, Illinois 62002

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