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At Alton Memorial Hospital, we've been delivering babies for more than 65 years. We're proud of our experienced team of nurses and physicians who give you personalized, expert care with a tender touch. When you arrive at the Hospital you are quickly escorted to a private birthing suite. You can be assured that every member of our team -- from registration to dietary -- is here to support you and help meet your needs.

Family Friendly 
The Women's Health and Childbirth Center at Alton Memorial Hospital focuses on the needs of all family members from first-time moms and dads to those with other sons and daughters who want to be a part of it all. Grandparents also are encouraged to bond with the new baby by participating in the wonderful experience of bringing a new life into the world.

Comforts of Home 
You'll feel right at home when you choose to deliver your baby at the Women's Health and Childbirth Center, where a home-like feel and soothing colors offer many of the comforts of home. Our tastefully decorated birthing rooms feature a DVD player, television, recliner and other amenities for your comfort. There's even a whirlpool tub to help you relax and recover after childbirth.

Modern Technology 
You can relax knowing that you and your baby are in a safe, secure setting.

  • All modern medical technology necessary for a safe delivery is close at hand, just hidden from view
  • Advanced fetal monitoring system lets our nurses and your doctor keep a close eye on you as your labor progresses
  • The latest options in pain management, natural childbirth and surgical suites for safe and convenient Caesarean sections are all available
  • Alton Memorial Hospital has a Level II nursery for babies born with complications
  • Hospital breast-feeding counselors can help both during and after a stay to help new mothers and their babies get off to a healthy start

In the first hours after the baby’s birth, new moms are given the opportunity to bond with their baby and their support person in a quiet, gentle environment. After that time, when you feel ready, the Women's Health and Childbirth Center will help your family and visitors feel at home, too. While visitors are welcome, mothers are in charge. When mother and baby need quiet and rest, they get it. Our goal is to make your childbirth experience special and memorable for you and your family, while providing the best care for you and your baby.

Baby Talk-- 618.463.7455
The Women's Health and Childbirth Center offers a free help line for new parents. Our nurses can answer many of your questions about your new baby, breast-feeding or parenting.

Special Care Nursery 
In some circumstances, your baby may need additional medical attention, so skilled, special care nurses staff our Level II nursery. In the rare event that a newborn requires more intensive care, babies can quickly be transferred to a pediatric hospital, such as St. Louis Children's Hospital, affiliated with Alton Memorial Hospital as a member of BJC HealthCare.

Direct Skin-to-Skin Contact, Rooming In Keys to Welcoming Newborns

Other Services 
Our free physician referral service can help you choose an obstetrician who's right for you, as well as a pediatrician before your baby is born. Or call toll-free 800.392.0936.

Childbirth education programs help expectant parents and even siblings prepare for everything from breast-feeding to life with the new baby.

Our Web Nursery lets you show off your new baby's photo to friends and family who can't visit. For your safety and privacy, last names are not used on the web site.

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