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AMH Nurse Emelia Proctor Awesome With Heart Patient


Patricia West, an Alton resident, was admitted to the Alton Memorial Hospital Intermediate Care Unit for observation after a cardiac cath last year.

“I love Dr. (Saad) Bitar. He definitely is on ‘My Favorite Doctors’ list,” Patricia said. “So when I complained of being short of breath, he suggested another cardiac cath to see if anything was going on with my heart.”

patricia west with emilia proctor, rn at alton memorial hospital

Nurses came in faithfully to monitor her incision after the procedure. Around 6 p.m. that evening, Patricia got up to use the restroom, and took the opportunity to walk around the room a little.

Soon after, Emelia Proctor, RN, came into the room to check the incision site. She instantly noticed that Patricia’s abdomen was badly bruised. Knowing that the situation was dire, she applied pressure to the site, closing the artery and stopping the flow of blood. Emelia stood there for 25 minutes, afraid to move her hand away in case the bleeding would start again.

To pass the time, she and Patricia watched “Wheel of Fortune.”

 “Emelia was my good fortune that night,” Patricia said. “She saved my life.”

To express her gratitude, Patricia made a $100 donation through the hospital’s ‘Awesome’ program in Emelia’s honor.

“Employees do not always get acknowledged for a job well done,” Patricia said. “But I will never forget her quick response and dedicated use of her skills. Thank you again, Emelia - for my life.”

At Alton Memorial, we expect everyone to provide excellent care, but sometimes someone goes beyond excellent. If an employee, physician or volunteer deserves recognition, please let us know by completing an Awesome form. Forms are available in the waiting areas, lobbies and nursing stations throughout the hospital. Contact Marlene Lewis in the Development office at 618-463-7701 for more information.

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